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Welcome to our website. We are Haydon and Me-An Bend and with our trusty Land Rover Defender, Mary, we have been exploring the world since June 2016. ​ Our route have taken us through some amazing countries so far. 

You can find out more about us and the reason why we are making this trip on the About Us page.

If you are thinking about making a similar trip, you may find Our Vehicle and Reviews pages quite useful. 

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This trip is completely self-funded but we have been given some advice and some parts by our sponsors. As wel as being our honeymoon, we also want to give back and raise awareness to 2 of the charities closest to our hearts, Support Our Paras and the Anthony Nolan Trust. 

If you enjoy our blogs, feel free to get in touch . We would love to hear from you.

Recent Blog Posts

  1. Laos PDR - Please Don't Rush
    30 Mar, 2017
    Laos PDR - Please Don't Rush
    Like a cork popping from a magnum of Champagne, we exited China into the calm fresh air of Laos. Entering from the northern Laos border at Boten, we instantly felt the chilled and relaxed vibe from the Laotians. There were very few vehicles on the road. This was in stark contrast to China which was relatively intense with packed roads, constant sound of horns and bustling cities.    We drove to the town of Luang Namtha, 40km from the border, parked the car up and chilled for 5 days, enjoying
  2. China Part 3 - The Panda Experience
    16 Jan, 2017
    China Part 3 - The Panda Experience
    After much deliberation and my going on that I want to cuddle a panda, we decided to volunteer at the Dujiangyan Panda research centre. We contacted our Chinese guide as we were still in Tibet at the time and informed him we had decided that the cost of £250 (for both of us) was worth the chance to feed, stroke and pick up panda poo. Andy was able to arrange the day’s volunteering and we left our group in Tibet to pick up the pace a little and make up a few extra kilometres, so we could get the
  3. China Part 2 - Tibet
    15 Jan, 2017
    China Part 2 - Tibet
    Miles and miles of expressways, bridges and tunnels, soon took us onto the Tibetan plateau and the hustle and bustle of the cities soon gave way to prayer flags and yaks.  Heading west towards Tibet from China, the landscape and the people started to change around Qinghai province. We also reached an altitude of 3,000m for the first time since we entered China. We were feeling the effect of the thinner air but Mary was still performing well.  We made camp in the glorious sunshine around
  4. China Part 1 - Inner Mongolia to the Tibetan Plateau
    09 Jan, 2017
    China Part 1 - Inner Mongolia to the Tibetan Plateau
    Once we had been acquainted with our travel companions at the Mongolian border in Zamiin Udd we proceeded to try and exit the country. They took their time and it seemed more of a hassle than entering Mongolia 4 weeks previously from Russia. After a few hours we had hustled our way through and got spat out at the Chinese end. Sure enough, Andy, our guide, was waiting for us to grease the large communised wheel of the Chinese border machine. To be fair, it seemed quite straight forward as we got