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An overland expedition from the UK to Australia (and beyond)

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About Us

Welcome to our website. We are Haydon and Me-An Bend and with our trusty Land Rover Defender, Mary, we have been exploring the world since June 2016. ​ Our route have taken us through some amazing countries so far. 

You can find out more about us and the reason why we are making this trip on the About Us page.

If you are thinking about making a similar trip, you may find Our Vehicle and Reviews pages quite useful. 

To keep up to date with our adventure, do follow on your favourite social media site or you can read our latest blogs and browse our  photos .

This trip is completely self-funded but we have been given some advice and some parts by our sponsors. As wel as being our honeymoon, we also want to give back and raise awareness to 2 of the charities closest to our hearts, Support Our Paras and the Anthony Nolan Trust. 

If you enjoy our blogs, feel free to get in touch . We would love to hear from you.

Recent Blog Posts

  1. Defender of the Wild West - USA Part 2
    13 Jun, 2018
    Defender of the Wild West - USA Part 2
    In two weeks’ time, we will be celebrating the anniversary of the start of Op Long Drive. On the 1st June 2016, we left Greenwich, excited about the prospect of travelling the world but also a little apprehensive. It’s not every day you quit your jobs, pack up your life and put your trust in a Land Rover to get you around the world. Two years on, the abnormal has become normal. Our approach to distance has changed. We think nothing of driving 6 hours to spend an hour at a destination, while
  2. California Dreaming - USA Part 1
    09 May, 2018
    California Dreaming - USA Part 1
    It’s not often you can have your cake and eat it. Well, it turns out I have an above average wife.  The current breakdown of roles and responsibilities within the Op Long Drive team stands with my job being to fly out to Los Angles, California two weeks ahead of Me-An so I can see a very good friend who I served 3 tours of Afghanistan with, go surfing most mornings and get my Advance Free Fall licence at one of the best drop zones in the world, interspersed with some local beer sampling and war
  3. Australia - The Great Central Road
    01 Apr, 2018
    Australia - The Great Central Road
    Unable to get any further north and reach Broome, we make the 600km detour and pick up the dirt road that connect Western Australia with Queensland. The detour did give us an opportunity to visit a remote art exhibition of sculptures by Antony Gormley at Lake Ballard. The iron statues, modelled on the local people look surreal in the middle of the dry lake. The Great Central road is part of the Outback Way route which is 1,700 miles long, most of which is dirt road and it links Western
  4. Australia - Western Australia and the great downpour
    15 Mar, 2018
    Australia - Western Australia and the great downpour
    The heat of the day drives us out of our tent by 7am and we crack on with the remainder of the Holland track before heading to the oldest city in Western Australia, Albany, but not before visiting Wave Rock in Hydon, a must visit destination at the end of the Holland Track (well, it was the only attraction at the end of the Holland Track). It is nice to see some green after the red, dried dirt of the outback. With the sun setting, we go in search of a camp spot. As we haven’t seen the coast for