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An overland expedition from the UK to Australia (and beyond)

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About Us

Welcome to our website. We are Haydon and Me-An Bend and with our trusty Land Rover Defender, Mary, we have been exploring the world since June 2016. ​ Our route have taken us through some amazing countries so far. 

You can find out more about us and the reason why we are making this trip on the About Us page.

If you are thinking about making a similar trip, you may find Our Vehicle and Reviews pages quite useful. 

To keep up to date with our adventure, do follow on your favourite social media site or you can read our latest blogs and browse our  photos .

This trip is completely self-funded but we have been given some advice and some parts by our sponsors. As wel as being our honeymoon, we also want to give back and raise awareness to 2 of the charities closest to our hearts, Support Our Paras and the Anthony Nolan Trust. 

If you enjoy our blogs, feel free to get in touch . We would love to hear from you.

Recent Blog Posts

  1. New Zealand Part 2 - The South Island - Wines, Seals and the mysterious oil leak
    15 Jan, 2018
    New Zealand Part 2 - The South Island - Wines, Seals and the mysterious oil leak
    Waking up early in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington, we make our way to the ferry terminal to cross the Cook Straight. It is smooth sailing with our first view of the southern part of New Zealand coming in the form of many islands rising from the clear turquoise water of the Marlborough Sound and its white sandy beaches glistening in contrast to tree covered tops. Our ferry is making its way into dock at Picton, the gateway to NZ’s south island.  On this trip we seem to have a pretty
  2. New Zealand - North Island
    07 Jan, 2018
    New Zealand - North Island
    After what has become known as the Great Land Rover Cleaning Challenge, the Defender is on its way across the equator for the first time, sadly on a boat, to the Southern Hemispheres and our next destination - New Zealand. After a 17-hour budget airline flight which confirms why we decided to drive around the world, we arrive in NZ’s biggest city, Auckland. The Harbour and green patchwork pasture greets us as we descend into a damp looking spring morn. “Our” ship, Pamina, which is carrying our
  3. Malaysia and the Great Land Rover Cleaning Challenge
    17 Dec, 2017
    Malaysia and the Great Land Rover Cleaning Challenge
    With the risk having paid off at the Thai border we are now legal again and in Malaysia. Sadly, our sole aim in Malaysia is to ship the car to Australia and we want to get through as soon as possible. We just don't have the time to explore, as we are unsure of how long the shipping and cleaning process will take. This shipping thing is totally new to us. We have driven 31,000 miles from the UK and the only “boat” the Defender has been on was in Mongolia and Cambodia to cross rivers. Hopefully,
  4. Thailand border crossing - rolling the dice
    16 Dec, 2017
    Thailand border crossing - rolling the dice
    No matter where you go in a Defender, it always feels like an adventure even in the morning traffic driving on my own. The journey to the airport is hectic as to be expected from the Phnom Penh traffic and something I quite enjoy. A break in our travel has given me this renewed sense of adventure which had been slightly lost as we got used to life on the road.  Well, Me-An turns up and it wasn’t all a ploy to get rid of me. We head straight to the border from the airport. No time for