About Us
We are Haydon and Me-An Bend and we are driving to Australia from the UK. 

The idea started when Haydon, and I were travelling around South East Asia and Australia in 2007. We were in Thailand and looking at the prices of 4x4 vehicles. We thought it would be a great idea to drive one of these vehicles back to Warwickshire. The idea was immediately laughed off by friends as being ridiculous.

Eight years have since passed, Haydon's swapped carpentry for soldiering and joined the Parachute Regiment, completing 3 tours of duty in Afghanistan and operated on mobility patrols in the deserts and mountainous regions of Helmand Province. I have embarked on a career as a Chartered Accountant. All this time, the idea of this trip has never left us.

We've finally stopped dreaming and started implementing the logistics of “Operation Long Drive”. We have recently got married and we are planning on driving our Land Rover Defender, Mary, tin cans in tow to start our honeymoon.

As well as being a trip of a lifetime, we are also doing this in aid of two charities which are close to our hearts - Support Our Paras and Anthony Nolan.
We will be using this website to document our whole journey from the UK to Australia, from the preparation to things we come across on the trips.

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventure. We hope you are inspired to explore, dream, discover.