Medical equipment

The best medical equipment you carry is knowledge and I enrolled on a 6 day intensive Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) course and a First Person on the Scene Intermediate  (FPOSI) to improve my existing trauma knowledge. We then together put a lot of time and effort into improving and got Me-An up to the same standard as me and made sure she was happy to treat me and competent with everything we are carrying.

Our medical equipment was supplied by HR4K with advice from SF medics. The company sells a wide range of high-quality products to the special forces community. Our medical kits primary role is to aid in sustaining life in the event of a road traffic accident. We then made sure we have clean sterile equipment if illness derived and we had to be admitted to a local hospital were cleanness may be an issue. Last but no means least is suppose and equipment for everyday accidents. We also have several reference books to aid with diagnosis and medication selection.

this is the list of items I selected to carry.

1. Reference books

  • BNF (British national formulary) most countries will have an equivalent 
  • Oxford handbook of expedition and wilderness medicine 
  • FPOSI training handbook

2. A full travel sterile needle and syringe kit. I added an IV giving set and 250 ml bag of saline and come extra cannulas. 

3. Main Blackhawk medical roll

Very good for locating key equipment quickly as you can set up with areas for each of the major life-saving headings and have the relevant equipment in a logical order. for the amount of stuff we are carrying space is a little tight. but we have got all the key life-saving equipment in this one roll, with other IV equipment in a different bags.homeostatic bandage
loads of cotton gauze

  • 2 x Israeli bandages (FFD)
  • 2 x cat tourniquets 
  • 1 x celox Gauze
  • 2 x oral phalangeal airway (OPA) size 3 and 4 
  • 2 x nasal phalangeal airways (NPA) size 6mm and 7mm
  • 2 x Russell chest seal
  • 1 x F.A.S.T device and 10 ml bone flush 
  • 2 x 14 ga needle decompression kit
  • Leuko tape (used)
  • 3m transpore tape
  • 1 x standard suture pack plus
  • steri strips 
  • medical super glue (used)
  • dressings numerous (mepore, opsite, duoderm,etc)
  • decent quality plasters (used)
  • Dentek Dental First Aid Kit
  • 4 x Lungene malaria test kit
  • 10 x 25ml saline bags (used)
  • triangle bandage 
  • 5cm x 3.6m plaster cast bandage
  • safety pins
  • Pulse oximeter
  • iodine (used)
  • betadine (used)
  • tiger balm (used)
  • Vaseline 
  • Sudocrem (used)
  • medicated talc (used)
  • suncream (used)
  • 10 x deoralyte

4. Tablet bag

  • paracetamol (used) pain relief
  • ibuprofen (used) pain relief
  • 24 x co codamol 500mg pain relief
  • 10 x doxycyciline 100mg Antibiotic 
  • 14 x amoxcilin 1000mg (used) Antibiotic 
  • 24 x Fexofenadine120mg Anti histamine
  • x 4 weeks per person diamox
  • x 4 months per person person Malarone atovaquone proguanic (used)
  • Imodium (used) anti diarrhoea