Our Charities

We are also hoping to raise some money and much needed awareness for two charities very close to our hearts. Any donation you make will be split equally between the two charities. Anything you can give will be much appreciated. 

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Support Our Paras
a charity which supports The Parachute Regiment through the welfare of serving soldiers and families and those affected by recent operations, and through the maintenance of its regimental efficiency, ethos, spirit and heritage.
Why we chose Support Our Para
As serving member of the parachute regiment, Haydon knows first hand the vital work the charity does for serving and former parachute regiment soldiers returning from the recent conflict in Afghanistan. Being one of the lesser know charities, we hope that this trip will raise awareness and bring in the much needed support for the charity.
Follow the link   to find out more about some of the work Support Our Paras does.
Anthony Nolan
a charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer by matching remarkable people willing to donate their bone marrow (or stem cells) to patients in desperate need of a transplant. They also do vital research to make stem cell transplants as successful as possible.
Why we chose Anthony Nolan

For someone in need of a transplant, finding a match is crucial. The bigger the register, the better chance of finding a match. There are 37,000 people in the world waiting for stem cells, and 1,800 of them are in the UK. But even with 22 million people registered as potential donors around the world, we can’t find a suitable match for all of them. In the UK,  there are only just over half a million people willing to donate. Through our expedition, we hope to raise awareness of the important work Anthony Nolan does and encourage anyone who can to become a donor. Haydon and Me-An are both registered donors.

To find out more about the vital work Anthony Nolan does and to register as a donor, follow this link here.

You can support us by:

 Becoming a registered donor
 Sign up to Anthony Nolan's register to become a potential donor of lifesaving stem cell. Follow the link here . It couldn't be easire to become a lifesaver. ​
 Raising donation for free by shopping online
 Donate to Support Our Paras when you shop online. Sign up to Give As You Live here . It doesn't cost you anything. 
 Donating via Virgin Money Giving
 Please follow this link to donate. Any donation, big or small, will make such a difference to these charities and is very much appreciated.