Choosing the right equipment for your trip can be hard. There are endless options for each type of equipment you want to take on a self-reliant overland trip. We wanted to summarise our thoughts on each piece of equipment we took with us in the hope that it will help someone planning their next overland trip. 
We are not experts but we have been travelling the world with this stuff since June 2016. The reviews are short and to the point with the information I wish I could get before we embarked on this trip. We will review all the products again at the end of our transglobal expedition . We have also added how many time we have used the item to help you determine whether you need to take it. We have tried to list the pros and cons of some items and just give the reason for taking them such as medical equipment and tool and we hope this might hekp you in your decision making.

This is a list of some of our kit and equipment with a brief description on what we use it for, why we chose it and a review on how it has fared over the last 7 months being on the road on a transglobal expedition. We have been as honest as possible and where kit has been sponsored we have stated it as such. We welcome questions and advice and if you found it useful please share it as before setting out on our trip we found things like this really useful when deciding what to take.

Please note that some of the links are affiliated links which means that mat get a small percentage if you purchase from this link. By all means, it is not a requirement and please feel free to search for the best price.