​Drawer system

Nene Overland

This drawer sits between the rear wheel arches and has been a great addition to our storage. I did modify the checker plate that came with the draw so it could run the full length of the car and including more storage to the front as we wanted a flat platform inside to sleep on if necessary.  The drawer is showing sines of use as the paint coating on the base of the draw is rubbing off due to the vibration of the boxes, however the runners and latch are still perfect and the drawer is in constant use, with only cosmetic damage. It is a quality item

Uses: Everyday


Really Useful Boxes (RUBs)

​Even though we are not into filling the back of the car with big boxes, smaller ones do have their place. The good thing about RUBs is that they come in so many sizes. We have filled our rear draw system with them. So far none of the boxes have broken in anyway, they have not let any dust in and are somewhat water resistant if they are left out side in a rain shower for example, however they are not submersible. They are a great box for inside of the vehicle but I wouldn't use them outside on the roof etc. They stack and are clear so you can identify what is in them and they are a lot cheaper than the Wolf Pack boxes. 

Uses: Everyday

Packing Cubes

These cubes are great for keeping your clothes tidy and organised and the carry handles mean that you can use these an a little mini suitcase. We have 6 in total 3 different sizes and 2 different colours. The smallest is not much use unless you use them for underwear and we use one for pills and tablets and one for electrical charging cables. The larger ones are used daily in our vehicle and it's not to much hassle to open and close them when getting clothes out each day. They don't really shrink the clothes and save the masses of room claimed by Eaglecreek but they are good for keeping things organised.

Uses: Everyday


We have 4 Pelicases on our trip, one is on the roof giving us some extra storage space for light things. One is bolted to our back door and acts as our cooker storage which we can also cook on with some modification. The other 2, are small and we store our SD cards and USB sticks in one and use the other is used for our Bose speaker. They are trusted by many people to keep very expensive equipment safe and dry all over the world. They are the original and you can get them second hand off eBay for a reasonable price for the piece of mind that they will be strong and waterproof.

Uses: Everyday