Tools and Spares


Zippo 4-In-1 Woodsman $79 
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 53.3 x 22.9 cm ; 59 g
Boxed-product Weight: 1.7 Kg

This axe was chosen after a lot of research and had to be ordered from the US. A friend then bought it home with him to save on the import tax. We chose this axe because of its duel functions. It's not the perfect axe and struggles to split logs etc due the the shape of the head and it's not the perfect bow saw as the size of the logs it will cut is limited. However, it is more than capable of doing any job around the camp fire and on the trail. We have quite a lot of camp fires and BBQs on evenings and the bow saw get used as much as the axe. We saw the wood when we collect it making it easy to stow in the Trasharoo then split logs into kindling etc at our camp. It comes with two blades for the saw. It has a rubbered hammer for tent pegs etc that does dent and mark quite easily and a tent peg puller that we haven't used. It's a great axe that is perfect for when you can't carry every thing. For clearing extensive trails in forest etc this is not the tool but for everything else it's a good all rounder.

Uses: 10+



We use this a lot more than I first thought. The reason for getting it was to take the effort out of airing your tyres back up to high way pressure. I though if it's a lot of hassle to air up and down then you will only do it when you are stuck and that is too late. This has worked as I change the tyre pressure quite a lot dependent on what terrain we are driving on. Bringing the tyres back from 18psi to 45psi take around ..... The compressor does get hot so I do something else between doing the front and rear tyres for 5 minutes to let it cool. I'm not sure you have to do this but I do. I also use it daily when driving in dusty conditions to blow out the air filter and the radiator when in long grass. It help get rid of dust in the cab and in the fridges motor when the door seals on the car are not so effective. It really is a handy tool. In the future if we decide we need air lockers it can be used to actuate them as well. For this reason we put the switch in the centre chubby box. It is nowhere near powerful enough to run air tools and this could be handy feature if something serious goes wrong on the road. We carry a tyre inflators an air gun that you need to let the air to build up to get any real power but is still very handy and some football inflators.

Uses: once a week on average

Hand tools

This is very personal to the individual as I think it all depends on your skill level and what you are expecting do on the road yourself and what you will trust an in country mechnic with. I am personally not a fan of the latter and will try and do as much as possible myself so I have quite a comprehensive tool kit but have tried to limit it as much as possible. Tools and the like are available widely around the world. It is only the quality that suffers. So, if you don't have the correct pliers for a job you should be able to find them if it is planned work. However, you need to have as many bases covered as possible for breakdown and bush fixes. I have the best quality tools I could afford for this trip and have taken some advice from military engineers. I always try and apply the same principle of having things that can do more than one job where possible.